Central Illinois Public Transit

Let Us Do The Driving!
Public transportation in rural communities differs greatly from public transportation that you see in the big cities.
When people think of public transportation, they think of big buses that are over-crowded and waiting at a bus stop in all-weather elements. A common myth of rural buses is that they only serve the elderly or disabled.
Central Illinois Public Transit is open to anyone, at any age, at any income. This service is a demand response door to door service.
The bus will pick you up at your home and take you where you need to go within our service area. If you are traveling outside of our service area we can coordinate with another provider to get you to your longer destination point.
All of our vehicles are lift or ramp equipped. They are clean and clutter free. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Drivers are trained in First Aid and CPR, Defensive Driving, Customer Service, Passenger Assistance, and Emergency Procedures… And best of all, our drivers are friendly and courteous.
Currently, in Douglas County, we travel throughout the county, 7AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.  We also travel to Champaign/Urbana each day.
Please call, 1-855-755-2478, 24 hours in advance to schedule a reservation. Same day service is available if there is an opening. Central Illinois Public Transit does travel outside of the county. Check with your county dispatcher for these available destinations in your area.
The fare structure is very affordable. In county transports are $3.00 per one-way. If you need to make additional stops along the way you will pay an additional $3.00 per stop.
If you are age 60 and over, you can ride for no charge, however we do accept donations. This means that you can ride for what you can afford. This is all thanks to a grant funding that Central Illinois Public Transit receives from Bureau of Title XX, Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland, and Midland Area Agency on Aging.
Medicaid may pay for transportation to and from a medical appointment. You will need to call First Transit at 1/877-725-0569 to get approval for payment. If you need assistance obtaining approval please call the dispatch office.
When you plan to travel outside of the county, it is the most economical to travel when we are already going to a specific area.  Calendars are available monthly to specify what days we will be going out of the county. Days that we plan to travel outside of the county are called existing routes.
On an existing route you can travel outside of the county for $3.00 per one-way and $6.00 round trip. Additional stops will be charged at $3.00 per stop.
If you need to travel outside of the county on a day when there is no existing route going to a specific area of choice the fee is $1.00 per mile.
All transportation scheduling and questions are answered by our friendly staff at the dispatch call center. Dispatch hours are 6AM until 6PM, Monday through Friday.  The number is 1/855-755-CIPT (2478).
Central Illinois Public Transit is excited to see new and old passenger alike. Friendly faces getting you where you need to go.  Please call TODAY to schedule your transportation needs!